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Jwchat very slow in IE7


I was able to successfully install Jwchat along with Openfire. However when on IE7, the loading of Jwchat is very slow. I have tested the loading of Jwchat on Firefox mozilla & Chrome, it is coming quite fast. Here the first Login window of jwchat & online list window of jwchat is coming very fast however One to One chat window i.e. when we click on any online member to have chat, the loading of jwchat is quite slow. Once the Jwchat is loaded for one to one session, the message goes pretty fast. Please can someone help me for this. I expect just the pointer what could be reason or where I need to dig into.


This looks like a JWChat issue or have you tried with other jabber server and it works fine with IE7 then? I don’t think you will find much help in these forums about JWChat. Try contacting JWChat developers maybe.