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JWChat w/ Anonymous Logins?

Has anybody played with changing the source code for JWChat to allow anonymous logins? I’‘ve been doing some playing, but haven’'t gotten it going yet.

I’'m using JWChat Beta 1 that was posted on these boards. (Modified to work with Wildfire.)



I think that MUCkl http://zeank.in-berlin.de/ uses anonymous logins, JSJac was updated but it is afaik for conference rooms only and not for p2p chat.


Does MUCkl support person to person chat, like JWChat, or is it just a chat room?

And with MUCkl are there any big changes you need to make to the source code or binding types to get it to work with Jive?



I’'m not aware of a p2p chat function within MUCkl. For me it did work after configuring the config.js script, I use Tomcat, wildfire.war and JHB.war while JHB is also needed for JWChat.