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i have a problem with jabber client connecting from mobile device using for that GPRS - when they loose connection jabber server still thinks that this client is connected (for a while) but i must have reaction for a broken down connection in few minutes (2-3) in TLSStreamHandler i found socket.setKeepAlive(true); - that’'s i think is responsible for a keepAlive connection with client - but this option is only in tsl connection what with normal connection ?? Or how can i configure JM to logoff client when his connection will be broken - i want to set time to lower value, can anyone help me ??

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sorry for that message hire - can someone move it to the JM forum ??

It can be pretty difficult to make TCP connection handling work correctly in all cases :(. I’‘m not sure if it’‘s the keep-alive setting or something different. Could it be that the mobile provider isn’'t terminating the TCP connection correctly?