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Keep Having to Reinstall Openfire

I am not sure why this is happening, but I have had to reinstall Openfire on my RHEL server three times, and the last has my users fed up. Everytime I reinstall Openfire, all the Spark users have to re-invite their contacts. But this is not a Spark question.

The condition is this: after a reboot, it can be that either the users report to me that they are getting authentication errors in Spark, or I will try an log on the admin console, and be told I am using the wrong credentials. The only solution I have used is to uninstall Openfire and reinstall it. I am using LDAP authentication, with the embedded database, and a very recent build (not the one announced on May 28, but the one right before it.)

Any ideas what might be happening? I’m terrified of rebooting the server, because if I do and cannot get into the admin console, I’ll have no choice but to blow away the installatio and then have all the users re-invite all their contacts. Again.

Any useful logs?

Are you using AD, or some other LDAP? Does the LDAP server have any logging which indicates why the Openfire application is having problems communicating with it?

No, unless they (the useful logs) are at the OS level - I cannot log on to console when it happens!

It’s AD, and no, no issues in any of the server logs. I think it’s actually something with the embedded database, though I am not sure what it’s function might be, since users are authenticated to the AD DC.

Is there a way to back up Openfire? Maybe if it happens again, I can just import the settings, or copy the necessary files, or some such. I don’t know, as soon as type it it seems silly. The files aren’t being zeroed out, it like it lost it’s settings.

First off, if you are using Openfire in production you shouldn’t be using the embedded database - You’re better off using an external database. Since you are on RHEL, MySQL is probably the easiest to get going.

You can get to the Openfire logs from the command line. /opt/openfire/logs/ - Assuming openfire is installed in /opt/openfire/logs/

You could also enable LDAP debugging while it is working then check the logs when it ‘dies’.

You can back it up by backing up /opt/openfire - The embedded database is part of that directory structure.

Thanks, David! I’ll look there the next time it happens, and if I have to rebuild the server - again - I’ll use MySQL, and see if that helps.