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Kick user onserver, clients not notified

We are building a muc client in MHP for digital TV. When we kick a user through the admin control panel of opefire in a particular room, the user is notified with a 307 status code. The other occupants in the room however are not notified. Is this a known issue with the current openfire server?

What can we do to get arround this? I tried sending a unavailable presence packet from the kicked user to the room, but this message is also not received by the other occupants.

Yea I am also wondering about this.

The client I have created kick/bans users, but the room does not get any notification about this. So now the admin that kicks the user just sends a message to all the people in the room telling that this user was kicked.

Not sure if this is best practice


I do not have an old version of http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0045.html#example-80 - maybe there this was not needed. But reading the current version it looks like the server must inform the clients.

So I’ll wait for another comment on this issue and then one may want to create a JM issue to get this tracked and fixed.


This is also happening to us on Openfire 3.7.0

LocalMUCRoom.kickPresence does not appear to propagate the updated presence changes to the rest of the rooms occupants.

Thanks, I noticed this yesterday as well. Filed as OF-465

Fixed for 3.8.2.