Kraken alternative?

Hi, i’m hosting openfire 3.6.4 on ubuntu for a rails app and i was using the kraken plugin to use different gateways. My problem is about this plugin because only one developper work on this project, i think it will not be compatible with 3.7 very soon. Anyway is down right now.

This plugin was a bit buggy but usefull…and i<m still usding it for the moment but If someone have any alternative, commercial or not, to register on the gateways like gtalk, facebook, msn, yahoo etc… i’ll appreciate it.


There are a lot of universal jabber transports:


Spectrum IM:

The only problem is that users of Spark will not be able to connect to these transports by themselfs.

There is some beta code for a Spectrum integration to Openfire that tries to get as close to Spark-Kraken as possible.