Kraken -- Yahoo never fixed? alternative that works?

When The IM Gateway stopped working for Yahoo in 2009 we migrated to Kraken.

We have had constant issues with Yahoo where the online status are sometimes wrong, people will be missing from the roster in spark/openfire, and then when we log out of openfire and use YIM directly we find our contacts are now in the address book and not valid contacts anymore! (So we have to manually add these contacts back). I have people complaining they are getting e-mail notifications from yahoo (that they have new email) but when they log into their yahoo email there is nothing new for days. But it keeps coming on a regular basis.

Is Yahoo really working for anybody? Right now we have to run Yahoo independently. And I have personally experienced the same issues.

What is the alternative to Kraken that is in place today and works very well with Yahoo? (We only use Yahoo, very little with other gateways)