Language Files Location

I am repackaging Spark for my environment and I want to remove all the language files except English. Where are they located once installed on a Windows 7 machine? It looks like they’re here: C:\Program Files\Spark\jre\lib\zi but I want to be sure.


They are in the /lib/spark.jar. You can go inside that package with an archiver (like 7-zip), then navigate to i18n folder and delete all i18n files except for the Then just close that file and 7-zip will repackage it. Though i’m not sure it will remove language selections in the Spark, probably should.

thanks. I’ll try it. Can you add/replace files in the Spark installer using 7zip?

No, you can’t alter the installer this way. And i don’t know a way to alter the installer.

advanced installer can and thats what I’m playing with now.

I was able to do this with 7zip and appdeploy repackager