Language problem

[5:05 PM]
?? ??? ???
[5:06 PM]
[5:07 PM]
?? - ?? !!!

this is what i see when looking to a monitoring plugin where stored my messeges.

it’s russian language chat.

broadcast messeges are sending correctly, even MOtD messeges sending correctly. but when rebooting server all that messeges appears like “??? ?? ?”. even the names of hat rooms.

when renaming them, re-writing names - all working fine.

what should i do ??? help please who knows what problem is …

If you did not completely remove the newer version of the plugin before installing the older version you may have a corruption of the plugin. You may have to stop the openfire server, and manually delete the plugin jar file and it associated folder from the plugins folder. Then copy the new plugin into the folder ans start openfire.

but the question is not only with plugin. even when plugin was not installed i have this problem …

Can you tak a screenshot of the issue and post it here?

here what my monitoring plugin shows

any ideas ???

installed POSTGRE SQL. all fine