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Large Deployment Tuning

Hello, I am going to be deploying a test installation of Jive Messenger for a possible 1000 users. I am looking for settings that would allow Jive Messenger to perform at its best.

While browsing the forums, I have come across a few changes that aid in performance:

  • Switch to the hotspot server VM

  • By using the server VM, the heap size will be dynamically adjusted for the load. I’‘m not sure if this is true, if it isn’'t, how can I change the heap size when running as a Windows service?

I also have a few questions about other settings in Jive Messenger:

Would it benefit performance if the number of database connections was increased from the

default? (This server will be using SQL Server 2000.)

Would changing the database connection timeout increase performance at all?

Thanks for the help.


I apologize for the late reply. The biggest thing you can do to boost performance is use the upcoming 2.1.3 release (should be out today or tomorrow). We made many large performance improvements and also bundle the server VM by default now. I’‘ll need to research how to increase the heap when running as a service – i’'ll post a follow-up to this thread in a bit.

On database connections – you could increase the pool a bit to see if it helps performance. The most likely answer is that it’‘s not needed, but increasing the pool size can’'t hurt and can be tested for performance impact.



Thanks alot.

I have been testing the nightly builds as they are released, and like you said, I think the final 2.1.3 release should be a nice release.

I will do some testing with the database settings and see how it goes.

Thanks again.

how can I change the heap

size when running as a Windows service?

I figured out the answer to this question. For each exe, you can create a vmoptions file. For the Windows service, this would be messenger-service.exe.vmoptions. You can pass in java parameters, one to a line. I attached a sample file that sets the min and max heap to be 256 MB. Just put this into the bin directory of your Jive Messenger installation and then start the service.