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Not sure this is the correct place to ask as this is really a new feature request.

I think Wildfire is great and have had no problems with running it on a Windows NT 4 server (I know, it’'s old and unsupported, NT that is !)

What I would like to see is a Last Activy field in the Admin Console under users so that you can see if the account has been used, shows Never if not and the inactive period ie 30 days (maybe an option to configure in pure days or month plus days, though maybe not as useful)

Is this an easy thing to do ?

Thanks in advance.


Sounds good. As i understand you want to track Last Login value? Because Activity could be achieved by simple client’'s hearbeats or presences exchange. Maybe only Idle on away can be tracked. But i think tracking last login of user should do. Then you will want to delete such user? But maybe just to disable it? Then this can be incorporated with JM-160 i think.

Hi Vilnius

Esentially, yes, I would like to be able to see the last login date and time, with preferably the amount of days elapsed since last activity - I believe this is in one of the DB tables, but I haven’'t been able to make head nor tail of it yet !

It would help if I could then maybe filter the user list to show all users who haven’'t logged in say for 90 days to be able to delete them from the system, or at least generate some sort of report.


Vilnius is actually my home town My name is Oleg.

As about this feature, it sounds useful. But it’'s all up to developers. There are much simple improvements to Admin Console suggested (like sorting by existing columns), but not yet implemented.


I’‘m so sorry, I didn’'t know !

I think that would be a very useful feature, hopefully not too hard to implement. Wildfire is becoming very feature rich now.


Hey guys,

I think that all the mentioned/suggested enhancements are very cool. The “last logged out date” information is being stored as a property so it should be not hard to add it to the admin console. I created the issue JM-595 for this enhancement request.


– Gato

Hi Gato

Yes, I believe the info is already stored as last activity in table jiveuserprop ?

I’'m using MySQL ver 5 on Windows NT4 SP6 with no problems so far and was trying to understand the value of last activity using MySQL query browser, but gave up - easier if it was in the admin console !


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