Last added LDAP user is missing from admin console

Hi all.

It looks like admin console shows only n-1 from n users in LDAP directory.

In the same time it shows correct count for them.

Missing user is available through the ‘User Search’.

What LDAP source are you using (Active Directory, OpenLDAP, etc)? AD has a query limit 1000 results by default. Anything over 1000 results will be ignored.

I use OpenLDAP 2.3 with Openfire 3.5.1.

And it is a new installation for a new service with only three accounts at the moment.

I added two accounts first, and Admin Console showed only the first one.

Then I added one more account, and Admin Console now shows two former accounts only.

But, Total Users count is right, 3.

So I can conclude that current implementation looses the last entry in a result. (< in place of <= in a loop)