Last logout incorrect information


I use Openfire 3.6.4 on Free BSD 7.2.

All works fine, but I have noticed that the information about last user logout (in adminpanel) is incorrect. I have tested this function by switching on and off my own account and several other accounts. After this manipulations I’ve check information in adminpanel about last account logout. Sometime this information about logout time is ok, but in other cases (50% \ 50%) I see only empty field. As it is possible to adjust the server displaying information about all logouts?

Thank you!


I assume you mean the field is blank when the user is currently logged in? Unfortunately, this is the way things are currently with openfire.


No it isnt’t.

  1. I’m logging in to my jabber accout.

  2. I’m logging out from my Jabber accout.

  3. I’m checking information from adminpanel and see, example - “Last logout - 1 minute”. I see information about this logout.

  4. I’m logging in to my jabber account.

  5. I’m logging out from my jabber account (status offline), but field “Last Logout” is EMPTY. I can’t see information about THIS logout.

Some logouts are logged, and some - not.

This issue probably falls under this ticket OF-186

Yes! This ticket is about my problem! There are any methods of correction this error?

Not that i’m aware of. Someone has to check the code and fix it.