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Last setup step failed (admin account creation)

Hi Folks-

I’m new to openfire, but have years of experience administering linux boxes. I’ve installed openfire onto a gentoo server from portage (v3.3.2) and started it up, visited the :9090 port on the server, and set everything up, but got an internal server error 500 on the last step (admin account creation) and now when I visit :9090, I’m asked to login (and none of the default credentials work like username: admin and password: admin).

Any idea how to recover from this? I’m using the embedded database as this is my first openfire install.



it’s a little bit hard to tell if the database was created completely. If it was you should find a line which starts with


in embedded-db/openfire.script. Change it to start with

INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES(‘admin’,‘admin1234’,NULL,‘Administrator’,‘your@email’,…

so your password will be admin1234.

And the line “INSERT INTO JIVEVERSION VALUES(‘openfire’,11)” must be in the file, otherwise the installation was not complete.

I may quote the Linux Installation Guide (not the official documentation):

Make sure that the unix command “hostname” returns a valid name, for example “example.com” and that your /etc/hosts file does contain this name, for example in the first line together with “ localhost example.com”. Or that you can resolve it using DNS. Actually the setup page after choosing your locale settings will return a HTTP 500 error if there is a problem.