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is there any way to check “when” a user was last logged in? i heared something of a plugin “user-status-plugin”, but i dont find it in the list…

is there no way?

I haven’t heard about such plugin or a way to show last login. Because for online users you can see when the session was created (on the Sessions page). For offline users there is a Last Logout value, which may be sufficient (login in the morning, log out in the evening, so you have a ~1 day accuracy). If you really need to see last login date of an offline user, when maybe it is stored in the database (not sure about that as it doesn’t seem to be a valuable information), but there is no GUI to show that.

for me it would be enough to check in the db… but i cant find the correct informations…

I’ve checked the database schema document and i don’t see anything similar to what you want. I guess such information is not saved.

The UserStatus plugin is not within the Ignite provided plugins. Here’s a version that I generated.
userstatus.jar (22816 Bytes)

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quit cool, but is this also working with the “embedded db”? how to install it?

No difference. In Admin Console go to Plugins, click on Browse, select this file and then press Upload. Its menu will appear in Server Settings tab.

yes i know, but how to create the needed tables in the db… only upload will not work:


2017.07.25 08:28:29 org.jivesoftware.util.Log - Unable to update presence for m.hoth@domain.de/Spark

java.sql.SQLSyntaxErrorException: user lacks privilege or object not found: USERSTATUS in statement [UPDATE userStatus SET presence = ? WHERE username = ? AND resource = ?]

That would be a question for Daryl. Maybe plugin is not compatible with your version of Openfire. What version do you have? Though plugin says its min version requirement is 3.6.0. Which is pretty old, so it might be that it is not compatible with some changes in the database schema of the current versions of Openfire.

Do you find other errors logged when you actually first load the plugin? At which time the schema update should be done.