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Latest release of xmppserver not published in Maven repo

Hi Openfire team,

We are looking to do some extension / plugin development against Openfire v4.5.1, but the xmppserver.jar for this Openfire version does not appear in your Maven repo here:


Is this an oversight?

We could, of course, manually extract the jar from one of the distributions and upload to our local Maven repository, but would still prefer to pull it out from the official Maven repos.

Thanks and best regards,


Thanks for mentioning this. There was a file permission issue with the artifacts not having allowed access from the web server. I have manually repaired it now and am looking into our workflow to see why we are getting restrictive file permissions.

Hi Daryl,

Many thanks for promptly resolving this. We are able to pull xmppserver:4.5.1 from Maven without any issues. I still get an error retrieving tinder:2.0.0, however, I think we may need to add your tinder repo (https://igniterealtime.org/archiva/repository/maven/org/igniterealtime/tinder/) as an external Maven repo to our repository.

Thanks again; your help is much appreciated :slight_smile: