Latest spark from SVN: Control + F not working properly

Prior to the latest svn build (Windows) you could hit Control + F from any spark window to get the ‘search for user’ option. In the latest build, Control F still functions the same, but it defaults to requiring the contact list to be viewable, otherwisey ou cannot search. If the window is minimized, find does not work, but it still pulls up the find box on the contact window.

where should the “search bar” appear when the main window is closed or should it automatically bring it to front?

i can place it in the current chatwindow, in the visible mainwindow, bring the mainwindow to front and display it there or disable it, what do you like best?

Hi Wolf,

The search for contact bar used to appear in the current chatwindow, probably best for it to just do the current window as having the contact list minimized you normally don’t want it to reappear. (would mimic old behavior).


Shall we throw this question at all users? Poll maybe? Or make it customizable option?

i would say we leave it in the chat area and have no window popup.

if anyone wants a customizable option, ill add a “hotkeys”-tab to the Appearence-Preference