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Latest Sparkweb - Red5 Spark web links?


Can anyone provide me with links to the latest versions of Sparkweb and Red5/Sparkweb. I belive these are still two individual items ?



Yes, they are different projects and original SparkWeb is nearly abandoned now. You can download latest official SparkWeb from the downloads page. Though there is a newer SparkWeb.swf file and also there is a newer source available in the SVN. It’s hard to tell what red5 version is the latest, as Dele doesnt specify it on his site, he just posts newer links time to time. I try to keep my how-to up to date. You can find red5 link there http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1553


Thanks very much for this.

I am still having issues logging into the Red5-Sparkweb page, the login button does not do anything - Do I need to replace the SWF file or anything ?

I am using the latest version of openfire.