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Latest SVN source snapshot failed to build

Hi all,

today I downloaded the current SVN source snapshot from the wildfire repository and compiled the server successfully, but the command ant plugins fails on line 1063 in the build.xml file which says:

— Code snippet —

declarations have taken place.

— End —

I’‘m unable to figure out what the problem is. I’'ve tried to re-arrange the macro definition of the buildplugin macro, so that it occurs before the target plugins, but without any success.

I’'m using JDK 1.6u1 and Ant 1.7.3

Any help will be appreciated.

Many thanks in advice.

Kind regards,


Hey sbogus,

I’'m using Ant 1.6.5. Could you run 3 tests? Test 1: Run ant plugins from the command line; Test 2: Use Ant 1.6.5 in your test (command line or inside IDE) and Test 3: Try using Java 1.5.

Hopefully some of these tests will shed some light on the problem.


– Gato

Hi Gato,

I did as you suggested and here’'re the results of the tests:

To your suggestion “Test 1: Run ant plugins from the command line;”:

I already ran that and my quistion posted here was the result of that execution. The “ant default” execute successfully, but the plugins will not compile.

To your suggestion “Test 2: Use Ant 1.6.5 in your test (command line or inside IDE)”:

I’'ve used the NetBeans 5.5 IDE wich distributes with the Ant 1.6.5 and the result was the same. ant plugins failed with the same errors.

To your suggestion “Test 3: Try using Java 1.5”: No visual change on the behaviour. building the wildfire server succeeded, but building the plugins failed.

Now to something very interesting. I used to build successfully the sources from branch 3.2.3. I even compiled it on two separate machines with equal development environment (JDK 1.6 + Ant 1.7.3). Now on these two machines the 3.2.4 branch failed to build the plugins target.

I’'m unable to figure out what could be the difference in the plugins target which cause the build to fail. The two build.xml files have only minor changes, mainly in the name (openfire in version 3.2.3 and wildfire in the version 3.2.4). The only significant difference was the debian package installer target in the 3.2.3 version which is missed in the 3.2.4 version.

I’'d greatly appreciate any future assistance in tracking down and solving this problem.

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


I’‘ll close this thread, because there’‘s not enough information that will help to solve the problem. The release 3.3.0 does not have these problems , so I’'m working with that release now.

Kind regards,


No helpful or correct answer was post here. Solution is not available, but the openfire’'s newest release does not have that problem.