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LDAP (Active Directory) Help Needed

I have installed Wildfire 2.5.1 and gotten it to work with LDAP (AD) without issue.

My problem though is 2 fold. It is only displaying the first 1000 accounts. How do I increase this number? Also, it is displaying computer accounts as well, and I would just as soon not have those shown. How do I setup a filter to only display user accounts?

Thank you,

-Zach Malmgren

You Could setup a CDATA search against your Directory and define what you are looking for. In your build, there is a folder called documentation, in there is the LDAP doc that was amazingly helpful to me to setting up my filter for attributes. Another thing, are your users and computer accounts in the same container? If not point your baseDN to look at strictly the user container. ou=usercontainerNO SPACES, dc=company,dc=com

Good Luck,


zmalmgren: I have recently deployed Wildfire in an AD environment as well. After much tweaking and breaking, I came across a solution to your issue. Add the following code in the section of your wildfire.xml. It will make sure that only your user accounts will be searched.