LDAP AD Users With Local Groups

Hi guys, is there anyway to create local groups rather then pull from LDAP for the groups? Our AD is HUGE with thoasands of groups… I want to create the groups locally is there anyway?

I managed to kinda work around this, by creating a new ou and creating the groups under that ou and using a group filter via creating a group called “APP_jabber”

(&(objectCategory=group)(memberOf=cn=APP_jabber,ou=App,ou=_Groups,dc=blah,dc=com ))

For the user filter i did



I added groups to the APP_jabber which were the group names i wanted displayed in jabber and also added users to APP_jabber who were also to be displayed in the users.

I hope this helps anyone else out attempting this…

What i did is setup LDAP normally and then went to settings and modified the parameter provider.group.className with the default value (**org.jivesoftware.openfire.group.DefaultGroupProvider) **and then restarting the server.

With that, you can use LDAP for users and organize them into OpenFire groups.**


This is how I do my groups. It keeps everything nice and clean for me. Once its setup, it pretty much lets me manage everything from AD.


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Cheers for the info guys