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Ldap alias dereference


I’'ve successfully set up widlfire to authenticate, search and do vcard lookups on our Novell e-Dir, but one fustrating issue has emerged somewhere between 3.2.0 and 3.2.4 - I think it worked in 3.2.0 but not after:

In 3.2.0, if I set my search base to either of the 2 aliases to the root of our tree (c=gb or t=xxxx), I could find users in anywhere. In current versions, I have to set o=xx or o=yy. Setting an alternate base dn doesn’'t seem to work either.

Our LDAP administrator suggests that this is to do with dereferencing aliases and I’‘ve seen a few threads about modifying this behaviour. I’'ve even patched LdapManager.java to use the ldap.derefaliases property (very scary, given how little I know about coding!) to where I can sign in - but this breaks searching or vcard lookup.

I can send logs if required - but I thought I’'d try to keep this initial post short.

Thanks for an impressive product.

Just like to say I have figured out a work around for this one by setting alternateBaseDN correctly in wildfire.xml rather than server properties - I don’'t think the documentation was very clear.

is the line I put right after the one specifying baseDN for anyone with a similar problem.