LDAP and blank BaseDN


I have a question related to the BaseDN in Wildfire.

Our corporate directory server is an Active Directory Server, but is exposing a LDAP service as well. However, the structure exposed is flat (!). No three hierarcy at all. This is a slight problem related to configuring the WildFire to use LDAP, since blank is not allowed for the BaseDN. Has anybody else experienced this problem and is there a workaround ?

I’‘m inclined to say that I don’‘t believe you, but we’'ll see.

If you open up ADSI Edit, you should see a Domain section. Within the Domain section, you should see a DC folder (ie. “DC=example,DC=com”). Does your’'s actually say “DC=”?

You were quite right. Putting the right IT persons against the wall, got them to tell me the correct BaseDN…

Thanx !!