LDAP and Escaped Characters

Hello Friends,

I am using Wildfire Server as of now in my Organization. I want to upgrade my existing Wildfire Server with Openfire 3.6.0 to integrate the same with LDAP Database. I have installed and configured Openfire for LDAP Authetication and all mmy users are getting autheticated through Spark client without any error.

Now thing is that we are having 3 domains where in primary domain user do not need to specify @domain.com in their UID while authenticating in Spark. However other domain users do need to specify username@domain1.com in their UID as a result of this users of other domains are able to login to Spark but they are not able to login to Sparkweb when they sepcify username@domain.com in Sparkweb.

I understand that this is because of Escaped character conersion so which converts usernam@domain1.com gets converted into username\40domain.com and then i am able to login with converted username. But i want to use username@domain1.com in Sparkweb as well. What could be done to resolve this???/

Note: All Domain users are able to login to Spark Client without any error. This issue occurs only in Sparkweb.

Waiting for prompt reply.

Thanks and Regards

Ajay Rathod