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LDAP and external users in shared groups


I use LDAP to authenticate users and to group them into shared groups.

And I want to create another one shared group with users from another jabber server.

So is this possible to create a new group (not in LDAP) and put there “non-existent” users?

Ok, simpler question:

How can I use both LDAP and default database for groups?


there is a hybrid auth provider somewhere available, I saw only little documentation about it. But it could help you in this case.


Well, i’ve tried hybrid auth, but I can’t even make it authenticate from LDAP and default database. When it set I can log in to web-console as admin, but when I try to log in as directory user it returns me back to login page with no auth errors at all.

If this is possible to use two group providers together, I want to know how.

OK. I’ve set my openfire to work with default group provider. Now I can create groups from admin console and put there users from other servers. And I wrote a script to load groups from LDAP to openfire database. But the next problem is raised: openfire resolves jid to Full Name only for LDAP users, but not resolve jid of external users, though it can access their vcard info.

Is there any thoughts how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.