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LDAP and gateway plugin between 2 or more openfire servers

Ok, I wonder if anybody have ever tried to join 2 or 3 domains (different enterprises) running openfire each one integrated with LDAP???

Well, I did it using the XMPP gateway plugin, but something’s wrong here are my issues and the steps I made:

  1. Created an account in domain A and joined to a group in Active Directory. This was my gateway through domain B.

  2. Did the same in domain B, creating my gateway through domain A.

  3. Then I started to setup in the registration option of XMPP plugin on domain A each user that I wanted to see rosters in domain B. This worked like a charm.

  4. Did the same on domain B, for all users that I wanted to see rosters in domain A. Perfect so far…

So, when I sent a message from a user in domain A to domain B, the user in B can’t identify the source roster in domain A who sent the message, because the msg came from the gateway account.

Anyone knows if am I doing something wrong or am I missing something here?

Nope that is correct behavior. You can not do this.

In this case will the community publish a patch or a new feature that makes this process more efficient and automated?

Efficient regarding the issue of the gateway account and the unidentified roster msg for the domain B…

Automated getting the rosters in both domains shared with a one click feature…

Sorry if I’m asking too much, I love openfire and I’d like it to be perfect.