LDAP and groups across servers

I’‘m trying to setup multiple servers with wildfire, each one serving it’'s subdomain. When I populate the groups from LDAP, each group shows the users from the other domains but adds the wrong subdomain to the jid.

group domain1 on server1 is OK

group domain2 on server1 is NOT OK (userfromdom2@domain1 instead of userfromdom2@domain2)

group domain1 on server2 is NOT OK

group domain2 on server2 is OK

Is there a way to get the remote users to show up correctly using LDAP on the local server?

for example, using their e-mail as JID’'s for populating the groups? user@domain1, user@domain2, etc…

Thanks for any clue into this.


Is this Active Directory??

Yes, it’'s AD.

A way you can solve this issue, is to restrict your filters to only allow users from domain one to sign on to domain one’‘s server, and like wise for domain two. Then use s2s and tie the two servers together. That will allow the JID’'s to be proper for the users in each domain and still be able to communicate to each other via s2s.

What you mention is correct and it’‘s what I’'m currently doing. The problem is that users of the remote sites are displayed wrong by the LDAP generated rooster for sites other than the local one. I asked this question and this thread talks a little more about what is going on. (http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=23048&tstart=0).