LDAP and Groups?

I’'m trying to set up a Jabber server to replace our aging Jabber 2 install that a previous admin did. It ties into LDAP and, with the right search filter, is pretty good at getting the correct users from the tree. I am having troubles with groups, though.

First, how does Wildfire expect the LDAP tree to specify groups? It looks like WF is expecting these groups to be a subtree, the details of what can be tweaked with ldap.groupSearchFilter. The members of these groups will be determined from the member attribute, unless ldap.groupMemberField is changed.

  1. Can users be members of multiple groups?

  2. Our group subtree is more group-permission focused and not reflective of organizational structure, which is how I’‘d like groups to be in WF. In lieu of a currently acceptable LDAP-based group structure, I manually created a shared, public group that I put a few test account in. One thing I’‘d like for our Jabber/WF users to do is to re-group users as they see fit for their use. This seems to work fine in our current Jabber install. So far, on the WF install (3.1.1) , I’‘ve found that these re-groupings only persist for the length of a user’‘s connection. After they log off and log back in, everything’‘s reset to the server-wide group arrangement. Is there a way to over-ride this or is this something that’‘ll change if the group source is LDAP-based? I doubt the backend source will affect user-specific regrouping as I’‘d think it’'d be a feature of user settings that get saved on the server.

Thanks for the help.