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LDAP and Shared Groups

I would like to have shared groups loaded from LDAP.

An aditional SearchFilter would indicate which group is a SharedGroup.

This is possible?

You can do it by editing the groupsearchfilter tag in the ldap settings.

for example the group search filter below pulls all AD groups that begin with ‘‘de’’

I don’‘t think the answer is appropriate to the question unless I’'ve misunderstood it.

I’‘ll explain my need and suggestions and I hope it’'s appropriate to the original post.

I want to have shared groups come (read-only) from our ldap, however I want users to be able to add their own groups and edit them. I have tried the following:

One final, related issue is that when we load up groups from the ldap, they do not appear on the roster until we “edit groups” and fill in a value for “Group Display Name”.

Ideally we would like it to pick up an attribute of the group itself and follow default rules, eg.

Show group in all users’’ rosters.

Does this make sense?