LDAP and shared groups


I’'ve been trying to sort this issue by reading other posts on the forum but I ended up going around in circles.

Basically I’'ve setup wildfire for a society. All logins are handled via LDAP. I wish for every user to have every other user in their roster.

I thought I could setup a shared group, use the registration plugin to automatically add users to a group, and share that group to all.

This doesnt seem to have worked however as ldap users never register, the account show as being created but the triggers dont occur.

So is there any way for me to have all my ldap users in each others rosters, without manually adding them all in to a group?

Can I do anything fancy with the ldap settings for wildfire to use the built in ldap groups ?

Any information is much appreciated.

Hey skyhawk,

Which GroupProvider are you using? When using LdapGroupProvider groups are going to be read from LDAP and populate with LDAP users. However, you won’'t be able to add new group members as LDAP is treated as a read-only source.

Since you are mentioning that you are adding group members when a new user is registered I guess that you are not using the LdapGroupProvider but something else. Moreover, which UserProvider are you using? I guess it is not LdapUserProvider since you won’'t be able to add new users when using it. So if you are using your own UserProvider that reads users from LDAP and also accepts users then you should do the same thing with GroupProvider. You will have to create a new one that reads groups from LDAP but also accepts new members and stores them in somewhere. By doing that you will be able to have LDAP users in the group and at the same time add new users to the group.


– Gato

I actually hadnt noticed the groups options in ldap. I thought that I could read all of the users from ldap and then just assign them to a group in wildfirem using a database table or something. It’‘ll be much easier to just use the groups we have setup in ldap. I’'ll give that a try now thanks.

I think i got confused about the registration plugin.

Gotcha. The registration plugin is nice when you are not using LDAP groups.

– Gato