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LDAP and user logon problems

Hi All,

I have recently become an administrator for a OF 3.6.4 system and switched to LDAP a few days ago.

Everything went very smoothly and 99% of users are happy.

I have got a few users unable to log on.

I have searched the interwebs and found the followig things that may be causing problems:

  • Special characters in the password - #,^,&, space, etc. I had the user only use a full stop and no go.

  • Login name in capitals in AD - not true

  • Log on to restriction on AD - not true

The user stil get an error stating that the user is either unknown on the server, already logged on or something like that. Logs show Plain user authentication failed and nothing else.

Any ideas?

Anyone any ideas?

Thanks for the assistance.

Over and out.


Did you find a solution ? I have the exact same problem. Some users log in as they should, others terminate with invalid username or password.

I havn’t found anything useful in the logs.

Looking forward to hear from you.

most often the issues with LDAP are the way the integration is set in openfire or the account config of the individuals having the issue. If you have ruled out the accounts then it is time to look at how the server is bound to LDAP. It may have them excluded.