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LDAP Auth problems

Hello, I’'ve been using Wildfire/Openfire for a year, but only recently I experienced a strange issue with LDAP authentication.

Some days after the Openfire 3.2.2 upgrade, LDAP authentication became really slow, I tried to check my LDAP performance with another LDAP browser, but everything seemed to work fine.

When I log on the admin server, I must wait about 2 minutes for the page to open, and when I try to load the Users/Group page the browser keep loading until I get disconnected from the server due to session timeout.

I already reinstalled Openfire, but the problem remained.

When I try to configure LDAP from the admin console, everything seems to work fine, so I really don’‘t know what’'s the problem…

Please help


Hi Frank,

I’‘m having a similar issue. I only experience the slowdown if I have LDAP configured to use SSL. So far I haven’‘t been able to find a fix (or even a reason) for SSL LDAP to run so slow, but if running SSL isn’'t important to you then you will likely see your performance return to normal if you set LDAP to non-SSL.

Sorry I can’'t be more help,