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Ldap auth using two domain controllers

our company uses two separate domain controllers, one for east and one for west coast

both DC’'s fully trust each other.

I setup jive to connect to one of our west DC’'s and everything works great, I added an alternate dn to authenticate our east users and it wont find them for some reason.

I am not seaching for users just trying to add them to a group. the debug log shows it is searching both DC’'s and coming up empty.

usiing ldap browser I have confirmed i can connect to an east DC and use the west DN to pull up a user but jive seems not to be able to do this.

when i put jive on our east domain east users can auth and west can’'t. vice versa when I put jive on a west controller. is there a setting I can specify for alternate hostname? or somthing else I should be doing?


The alternate DN is for another DN in the same LDAP server and not for another totally separate server. The LDAP code would have to be modified to support the ability to connect a whole other server. We can add this as a feature request, or please let me know if you’'d be interested in sponsoring the development of this feature.



ok I think I see what your saying, so even though I am able to query east and west info from any controller using an ldap browser

The problem is that the domain name differs and jive doesn’'t support this type of secondary auth?

I would be willing to do what I can to sponsor the dev of this plug but I am not a coder I don’'t know if I could contribute much.


is it possible to join two jive servers?

is it possible to join two jive servers?

I assume you mean for clustering? No, this isn’'t supported at the moment.