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LDAP authentication but use generic admin accounts

Not really sure if I made the subject clear. I will try to explain my question a bit better.

our openfire server works with the corporate directory server. so this means that admin accounts have to exist in the directory. However i would like to have a few generic accounts that are not stored in the directory for admins to use.

eg at the admin console admins would use “admin” and an associated password.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

I do not believe this is possible when using LDAP authentication. This also would creat a security hole in your configuration. It is much more secure to use individualized accounts from LDAP to manage the server for various reasons:

  1. No shared passwords

  2. Removing account from LDAP removes access for 1 person

  3. Can enforce password changing and complexity rules for security

  4. Non-traditional usernames for administrative access