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LDAP Authentication via AD Group membership

preamble: apologies if this subject has been listed and addressed before - if so, pls provide link to relevant forum post.

I am running Wildfire v3.2.2 with LDAP auth. Works like a charm. All users from base DN have populated into Wildfire and can authenticate without issue.

My question: I would like advice on how to restrict authentication to a single (or multiple) AD groups.

I have read many posts looking for this, and would be grateful of the location and syntax to use in the LDAP config of the ‘‘Server Properties’’ menu item.



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There isn’'t a direct answer to this, as each company stores their data within Active Directory differently.

At a high level, you need to create an appropriate group filter. I would recommend taking Wildfire out of the equation while you are building the filter by using a tool that queries your AD installation over LDAP directory–like JXplorer.

Well… after about 3 hours testing … it would seem I have it sorted…:0

<searchFilter>(memberOf=CN=Blah,OU=Users,DC=your,DC=domain,DC=com)</sea rchFilter>

‘‘the search filter does not accept wild cards’’

to clarify - configuration of the above allows me to restrict authentication to wildfire by AD group membership

Hope this helps another…