LDAP Authentication with special characters fails

I have a Wildfire 2.6.0 server set up internally within our company. It’‘s configured to pull users, groups and authentication credentials against our LDAP server. One of our users recently changed his LDAP password and subsequently was unable to login to the Jabber server. His new password contained the character ‘’!’’. To be able to login again he had to change his password to remove the exclamation point (and he was successful).

Has anyone seen this before?


I’'ve seen such problems with other java programs and LDAP. You can track the issue here: JM-695


Hey guys,

I’'m using openLDAP and I was able to use exclamation marks in the password. Could you provide more information about the problem you are seeing?


– Gato

We’'re using SunOne LDAP.

Well, since its a Sun LDAP server, and Sun Java, I would guess the problem is in the client. Which client was used? What OS?

I believe the client was Exodus on Windows XP Pro.