LDAP auto Group creation

I’‘m trying to get the LDAP setup to create the groups automatically as well. I’‘ve seen the examples and read docs, but they seem to work a bit differently than we can do them here at work. We aren’‘t in native mode, and so we can’‘t add groups to other groups. So I can’‘t add groups to a jabber access group. Our org is laid out using OU’‘s. What’‘s the best way to get this to work? (I’'m still trying to wrap my mind around LDAP and LDAP queries). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

One thing to note as well is that many threads on here state adding groups to groups in active directory. I learned today this can only be done in native mode, and since we have NT4 in our domain, we are still in mixed. Since I can’'t take this approach, what filter would work and get the same results?