LDAP Clients with Spark cannot connect


i finished yesterday a fresh installation of Openfire 3.7.0 in a new Virtual Machine with Centos.

I created a mysql db and also got the users from Ldap Active Directory.

I am able to login to the web interface and see all the options but i can’t connect with spark from clients.

I tryed different usernames,i checked that the port at openfire is listening,i tryed ip,hostname but nothing.

Spark says Login Error Invalid user name or password. I tryed username,username@domain, username@domain.local but nothing.

I also tryed SSO but alsowith no luck.

I think that something is wrong with the Ldap connection with the server.

Does someone knows what might happening?

Im also providing you with the logs.

Thanks in advanced

debug.txt.zip (855 Bytes)
Error.txt.zip (459 Bytes)
Info.txt.zip (632 Bytes)
Warn.txt.zip (1056 Bytes)

OK solved

I just changed the default port from 5222 to 5225.

Strange things happening!!!