Ldap config fails - Profile Settings: User Mapping

I am doing a new install of Openfire. I finally got the ldap authentication to work , but when going to the next step (profile settings: user mapping) I get an error; It says -

Status: Error

No users were found using the specified configuration. Try changing the base DN, user filter or username field.

I have tried to change these settings but I am not sure what is wrong here. My ldap configuration in AD is non standard. Instead of the users being in the standard users location, the users reside in a different place. Heres the folder structure:

contoso enterprises


In a normal AD structure the user folder is directly underneath the domain, but in ours it is nested within another folder. I wonder if this is causing the problem? Whats weird is that the ldap auth on the previous step worked fine.

Anyone have any ideas how to get this to work? I’m stumped.