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LDAP Connection Problems

I am having trouble connecting to the server using LDAP for our Active Directory (AD). I have attached a file that is pretty detailed, but I must be missing something on the server side. I thought everything was setup properly but it is not working. I am very computer savvy so don’t worry about what terminology you use when responding. I have a good size network, two domains, two domain controllers (DC) one is for a backup if the other is down, I have 1 Server 2008, 3 Server 2003 and the trees is set to use Server 03. AD is setup properly and I have created an account for Openfire called openfire. For screen shots and connection config see attachment. Please help I would really like to use the AD and not have to setup a lot of accounts thanks.
LDAP_Connection_Issue.pdf (411027 Bytes)

Now I keep getting this error everytime I try to connect.

Now the error has changed and I have not changed any settings, see LDAP_Error_2.

Found the problem. Unbeknownst to me the schema master for the tree & forest had gone down, so I seized control of the forest and made sure that the level was at win 2003 and pointed the LDAP to the tree operations owner and it is working just fine. I hope that this helps someone.