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LDAP connection with Win2k3 Small Business Server

I’m trying to set up a standard LDAP connection to the Active Directory on our Small Business Server domain controller. I have Openfire set up and working this way at another client’s office, but for some reason on SBS, I can’t get the Openfire server to see the LDAP tree on the local host. The standard base DN for SBS looks like it’s cn=SBSUsers,cn=Users,cn=MyBusiness,dc=domainname,dc=domainbase.

Does this make sense? In the documentation for connecting to LDAP, it’s not obvious what the syntax should be, especially when I’m looking for the base DN several OUs deep in the directory (and I know nothing really about LDAP ).

Any ideas on this? Am I doing this completely wrong?

you need to change your cn to ou: OU=SBSUsers,OU=Users,OU=MyBusiness,DC=domainname,DC=domainbase