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LDAP Contact List Sharing Automation

I defined new groups in LDAP, but when viewing in OpenFire, I noticed that the groups were not being shared out of the box. I had to edit each group and provide a contact list group name. Note: the radio button was already correctly set on “Enable contact list group sharing.” Is there any way to provide a sensible default, such as the name of the group in LDAP? It’s just one less step for an admin to perform, and when you have a large number of groups defined in LDAP, it can get tedious.



I have the same problem with groups after configuring Openfire to load the group data from an external Oracle database. Is there a way around this problem? We are looking at a deployment that will have thousands of groups, so using the web admin interface to configure each one is not reasonable. I’m currently testing the Openfire server using the built-in HSQLDB. It looks like enabling the group results in the following records being written to the database:

INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘group name’,‘sharedRoster.displayName’,‘some group’)
INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘group name’,‘sharedRoster.groupList’,’’)
INSERT INTO OFGROUPPROP VALUES(‘group name’,‘sharedRoster.showInRoster’,‘onlyGroup’)

Is there a Java or HTTP API available to connect to the Openfire server and perform the manipulation for the group information programmatically? That is, besides directly writing data such as this to the OFGROUPPROP table.

Thanks for any information.