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LDAP Cross Domain and Nest Group Solution with OpenFire 4.5.0

Does the newer version of Openfire 4.5.0 fix the problems observed with nested groups and cross-domain authentication and LDAP search queries?

I don’t see anything related to nested groups in the changelog, other than that https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/OF-1890 But it might be not what you are asking about. You can set a test box and see for yourself.

By cross-domain you mean using more than one domain in Openfire? This is not supported and not planned.

There were a lot of improvements on LDAP side in 4.5.0, so maybe queries work better now. But i;m not sure i fully understand what you are asking about.

I don’t see the
ldap.flattenNestedGroups system property in OpenFire 4.3.0. Is that a property that I can add or is it exclusive only to OpenFire 4.5.0?

It’s exclusive to 4.5.0.

I recently uploaded the Monitoring Service plugin to my 4.3.0 Openfire Spark Server and want to know if there a way to allow a user with administrative privileges to the Spark Admin console, yet restrict them from view of the group chat conversations?

There is no role based administration option in Openfire. Either nothing or everything.



Cross domain kinda works (but as wroot stated, is not supported) if the domains are part of the same forest. if they are, then you can query the global catalog, and then use the root of the forest for your base dn. You’ll then need to use search and group filters to filter out any of the stuff you don’t want to be listed. One issue you may have is if there are dupilicate usernames.

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