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LDAP Directory search by Organisational Unit?


When doing an LDAP query against the AD server my openfire install is connected too i seem to get the security groups.

Is there a way to change that LDAP groups query to show by Organisation Unit Groups instead.

I have many different Security groups with users in multiple groups, therefor they show up multiple times in multiple group names in the users Jabber Client.

If i am doing the LDAP query by Organisation Unit each user will only show up once and be in only 1 group.

If this can be done, will it also support sub OU groups with in the Parent OU ?

OUs can not be used as you are asking they are not groups. They are more like virtual folders. The groups should not automatically publish to peoples rosters. You need to manually configure this. The bes solution is to create the groups you need or want for the chat server to publish and use them. I created a series of custom groups that all start with the word Chat, to make them easy to find for sharing.