LDAP Documentation Error

Was following this documentation, I am no “expert” in LDAP but I thought something was amiss

Openfire: LDAP Guide


Base DN

The base DN describes where to load users and groups. If you’re using a default Active Directory setup, all user accounts and groups are located in the “Users” folder under your domain. In LDAP form, that’s cn=Users;dc=<Your Domain>. To get more specific, say your domain is activedirectory.jivesoftware.com. In that case, your base DN would be cn=Users;dc=activedirectory,dc=jivesoftware,dc=com. If you’ve customized where users are stored, you’ll just need to replicate that folder structure using LDAP syntax."

There is a semicolon after cn=Users it should be a comma, I was copying and pasting it and changing the data and just barely noticed it. Spent 30 minutes trying to troubleshoot why it was erroring out.