LDAP errors in Error Log

Openfire 3.5.2 Red Hat 5.2 / LDAP Active Directory, Spark 2.5.8

I’ve searched the forums for this error but nothing comes to light -

2008.06.27 11:20:17 org.jivesoftware.openfire.ldap.LdapGroupProvider.populateGroups(LdapGroupProvide r.java:683)


I have this appearing constantly in my error log (literally every few seconds). Spark / Openfire seem to be working ok but I have had the odd report of people signing in and seeing no contacts (we are using shared groups), logging out and logging back in again to see that everything has reappeared. It seems there is a problem somewhere, any clues as to where to look?!


I used to get that error too. In my case I had groups in AD that were empty and groups that contained users from outside my baseDN or filters.

Hey well that’s more than possible. One of my tasks for Openfire is to sort out the filtering and tie down the Base DN somewhat. At the moment it’s at DC level as users and groups are scattered over various OUs at various levels.