I am using Openfire Server 3.5.2 with openldap. It works fine but LDAP failover not works

I use this in conf


But it not works, please give idea or suggestion to what can i do for LDAP fail over to work. ?


Did you copy and paste that line in your post from your openfire.xml? If so, could it be that your closing tag has a typo? ()

Other than the typo in closing tag. you may also want to consider a different method depending on the type of LDAP system you are using. If it is Active Directory you could just enter mydomain.com for the host. it will then use whatever domain controller is available.

Thanks for the replies, can u please tell me what tags i use in openfire.xml for this line. currently syntax of host in openfire.xml



please tell me the correct syntax with tags.

that should be ldap.mydomain.com,ldap2.mydomain.com. or if using Active directory mydomain.com.

Thanks Todd, I am using OpenLDAP not using Active Directory , below line is not work.


can u please tell me the way that LDAP failover work in this case. So much thanks to you.


The problem may be the timeout period before openfire rolls to the new server. The host line is correct for any LDAP with a comma separated list.

Thanks Todd, But both the hosts on same LAN i even check with ping and transfer data its fast on GB LAN

So i think no delay problems, but surprising why openfire not connect with alternative host i even wait more than 5 mins.

But it really painfull situation for me. Can you use this openldap failover 100% successfull ? Or u sure that these settings are ok.


It should not matter what flavor of LDAP you use. Failover is failover.