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Ldap Filter

Hi everybody

I know that have a lot of topics about ldap filter, but I promise for you that I read all of them !

I want my openfire list only users that an especific group from my ldap.

For example, all the users that have a group called xopenfire will go listed by openfire.

I try ldap filter on the users like this:

(&(objectClass=organizationalPerson)(memberOf=cn=xopenfire,ou=Groups, dc=y ,dc=x))

but, not work.

Does anybody can help me ?

thanks !

I am actually trying to do the same. I would like to filter the users and the groups.

I understand that I need to restart openfire service, but I don’t know where I need to add the search filter. Yes, I know it is in openfire.xml, but mine is very short, with only4 tags

So, as you can see, the AD settings are not there and it has me at a loss where I need to add them.

Of course, I also need to know what I should add

Is the group called xopenfire actually inside an OU called Groups?

By default groups are inside the container (CN) Users - e.g my ldap.searchFilter is:


@dhaycurrie - this is configured in the Admin interface of Openfire

Server - Server Manager - System Properties

Or chosen during initial setup.

Thanks Rob. I got it working.

I made a mistake when I created the group and I did not include the account that is used to pull the information from AD. I though I locked myself out of the software but I was able to get back in by editing the database.

The table that contains the information is ofProperty just in case.

It is a relief to see now 46 users instead of 200+