LDAP Group Issue

Hi All,

I’ve recently installed openfire and so far I think its a brilliant open source solution but I’m having a few issues which may be down to my understanding of how it works:

I’ve Installed openfire integrated it with LDAP (AD) and created a HSQLDB database, all the users (and computers strangly) have populated in Users but none of my LDAP groups have populated in groups tab (says total groups 0) but this may be down to config as when I was going through LDAP wizard I wasnt sure what I should fill in in Group Mapping?

What I want is for it to find the groups (of which there are over a 100) then populate spark with all the people in that group? I’ve attached my xml file.



This is most likely an issue with your baseDN. You groups must be contained within the baseDN you specified: OU=Broadsystem,DC=ad,DC=broadsystem. If the groups are not in the OU Broadsystem then they won’t show.

The groups are in a sub OU of broadsystem, namely: OU=Groups,OU=Broadsystem,DC=ad,DC=broadsystem so does this mean I they wont show or I need to create a group within: OU=Broadsystem,DC=ad,DC=broadsystem??? Thanks for help btw!!

Any sub OU should be found without issue. I am not sure why you would not see your groups if they are in a sub OU.

Just to check the attached should be full of groups??? (see attachment hc_25)

Also should I alter the Group Mapping from what I have now (see Attachment hc_26)


I missed it the first time I looked at the file. Edit your openfire.xml after stopping openfire to have this data instead of what you have:

I see groups!!! Thanks Mtstravel you rock!!

You are welcome. Don’t forget to award points as you see fit.