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[LDAP] group member usernames truncated by 1 in admin console group pages

When configuring LDAP based authentication, the number of members and the JID of members of a group is wrong:

  • the username part of the JID is truncated by one character, and the number of members seems in fact derived from the number of unique resulting affected JID.

For exemple, if I have the following 4 members in my group teacher:





then the “Members of This Group” section of the “teacher” group page will report only 3 members:




and the “Group Summary” page will also report only 3 members.

If the usernames are distinct after beeing truncated, then the number of members will be correct, but the usernames are still truncated.

PS: I recently upgraded my wildfire server to version 3.1.1 (running on Fedora Core 4), but I did not test this issue with previous versions.

I’m having exactly this issue. It has occured to me on 3.6.2 and 3.6.3. Has anyone found a fix for this?